Financial Planning in Vail Colorado

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Financial freedom begins with a solid foundation – a strategic financial plan. This is where many people stall due to the uncertainty of exactly how to get out of the starting blocks. Financial planning doesn’t need to be overly complicated nor expensive.

We employ sophisticated financial planning software that helps bring the process down to an understandable, user friendly level. Of course, those that have more complicated financial matters can benefit from our process as well.

It begins with meaningful discussions to help you articulate your goals… needs, wants and wishes. Detailed data gathering follows to identify resources, sources of income, investable assets and other assets setting the stage for implementation. For more on the process itself click here. Financial planning may have a beginning but there is never truly an end as over time your needs, wants and wishes will very likely change. Put frankly, life will almost certainly throw you a few curve balls along the way. Your financial plan needs to be nimble and able to adapt as a result.

It has been said of life in the mountains of Colorado, we came for the winter but stayed for the summers. Creating a life in our area can certainly be challenging given the above average cost of living, the barrier of entry to home ownership, availability of employment opportunities with growth and earnings potential and many others. The lifestyle in essence makes financial planning all the more critical.

Financial planning is the foundation that you build upon. As in life, financial planning is an evolving process. Uncertainties need to be articulated, revisited and accounted for.

It goes without saying we’ve seen every kind of financial situation one could imagine and our financial planning software is only one component of creating a financial plan. The human factor is paramount as well. By combining cutting edge technology with decades of financial planning experience we are able to help advise our clients on the creation, development and continual updating of their financial plan.

Contact us today to discuss exactly how we can best serve your financial planning needs.

The interpretations and organizations of these ideas are the confidential thoughts of 1st & Main Investment Advisors and do not represent the opinions of BFCFS. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk including market fluctuation and possible loss of principal value. There can be no assurance that any specific investment strategy will be profitable. 


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