The Financial Advisors at 1st & Main

An institutional approach at a retail level firm: Learn Why

We deploy a technically based, tactical approach to portfolio management, leveraging our own proprietary investment models and a logic-based computer algorithm to help you meet both your immediate and long-term financial goals.

The 1st & Main Difference

When investing money with a financial advisor, it is important to know two things: 1) will my financial advisor be proactive when it comes to the management of my portfolio? and 2) does my advisor have the financial acumen to successfully grow my investment.

Unlike some of the larger retail brokerage companies that operate nationwide, the advisors at 1st & Main do not want its customers, whether they have a retirement or investment account, to simply park their wealth in passive or index-based strategies and wait for the stock market to appreciate.

As everyone knows, financial markets experience extended periods of time where markets trend generally higher, and others where markets stagnate or move generally lower. 1st & Main has constructed models with this in mind helping to grow and to protect your investments in different market environments.

Our advisors are proactive when it comes to managing your money, taking an active, rather than passive approach to investing.

Tactical investment strategies depend on our advisors’ data driven assessment of the market, and then a strict adherence to the algorithm which dictates security selection, portfolio construction and daily risk-management measures.

We have developed this approach over the course of decades of experience in the financial services sector.

We are, in short, a boutique financial services company for the savvy investor interested in growing and preserving wealth

Let Us Prove It.

Experience You Can Trust

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