Week Ending January 29 Financial Markets Update

The Tactical Allocation Portfolio (TAP) remained true to its current allocation over the course of a historically wild week in domestic equity markets. More on that below…

The S&P 500 Index declined 3.29% last week as volatility in equities jumped to the highest level since late October, marking the index’s worst performance in three months. Headlines were grabbed by the trading frenzy over heavily shorted stocks such as GameStop Corp and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., which returned 400% and 278% last week respectively. Speculation that hedge funds were degrossing, cutting risky bets and decreasing their long equity positions to cover their short positions, caused downward pressure on equity markets. The SEC said they would be looking into behavior by any regulated entity that demonstrates abusive activity in an effort to protect retail investors.
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Treasury yields were little changed last week despite several economic developments. The U.S. economy continued its rebound in the second half of last year, with real GDP growing at a 4% annualized rate in the fourth quarter after growing at a 33.4% rate in the third quarter. Despite rebounding in the second half, the U.S. economy contracted 3.5% in 2020, which is the largest annual decline on record dating back to 1948. The Fed left rates unchanged last week, as expected, keeping monetary policy loose in an effort to boost the economy. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell cited a moderating recovery in recent months and said, “The pandemic still provides considerable downside risks to the economy.”

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