Thriving Through Inflation: Small Business Tips for the Times

Inflation is the reality for Americans, and it’s hard to see when things will improve. The costs of everything from gas to food, services, and interest rates are skyrocketing. And it’s becoming more difficult for the average consumer to support businesses.

As a small business owner, you might be wondering how to keep your operations strong and avoid devastating outcomes in the near future. However, while it’s true that small businesses are especially vulnerable to the impacts of inflation, you don’t have to approach the time passively.

On the contrary, you can help your company brave the waves and forge a promising future. These practical tips from 1st & Main Investment Advisors will help you get started!


Don’t Stop Marketing     

You don’t want to stop marketing your business during hard economic times. Remember that consumers must know about your brand before they purchase your products or services. So, if you’re going to cut costs, don’t jeopardize your marketing strategy in the process.

There are plenty of cost-effective marketing solutions to consider. For instance, you could create compelling product photos that showcase the most important characteristics of each product. Try an image background remover to put more focus on specific features. After editing, you can incorporate your images into new designs and environments.


Embrace Accounting Software

Your company cannot withstand inflation and other obstacles if you don’t maintain consistent money management practices. Look for reliable accounting software that can help you sidestep common payroll and accounting errors. Many solutions will take care of most of your accounting needs through automation, and there are even free tools that will simplify invoicing, bookkeeping, tax deduction tracking, and other basic tasks.


Revisit Your Catalog     

What products are you currently offering consumers? Are some of them more susceptible to inflation than others? Do you have specific products on the shelf that you will likely have to discard?

Evaluate your catalog to identify poor-performing products that you can eliminate. That way, you can minimize the time and energy you waste on inventory that will not generate revenue or build your brand.


Gain Pricing Power

Essentially, pricing power is the demand for a specific product in relation to an increased product price. It’s closely connected with the elasticity of demand or the level at which demand shifts. This is why luxury brands often have high pricing power (there aren’t many alternatives to their offering). Providing basic goods and services is an excellent way to increase your pricing power and combat inflation.


Explore Hypotheticals    

If we’ve learned anything about the business world in the last few years, it’s that we need to start planning for what-if scenarios. Make a list of hypothetical situations with your team and prepare various responses to each one. You can use decision tree analyses to present your decisions and their consequences, helping your team plan for resource costs, utilities, even outcomes, and other factors.


Reduce Expenses      

One of the most practical steps you can take to fight inflation is to cut costs. You might be surprised how many unnecessary expenses your business continues to pay each month.

Assess your budget and eliminate all unnecessary costs, whether it’s new office decor, unused subscriptions, or excessive office supplies. And don’t hesitate to find new suppliers and vendors if you can’t afford to purchase from your current ones.



There’s no denying that inflation is doing a number on small businesses. But it’s essential to remember that your company’s future is not written in stone. The steps you take today will significantly influence your success or failure down the road.

Consider the tips above as you strategize for the times. And never stop learning how to position your small business for steady growth and profit.


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